LOOK: AKA and DJ Zinhle in baecation?


After months of speculation that former AKA couple and DJ Zinhle might be back, social media researchers seem to have finally dotted.

An image of a shirtless AKA on vacation surfaced on social networks just a few hours ago and shortly thereafter, Zinhle also posted a photo of sunglasses and a sun hat with a backdrop similar to the image his rapper posted.

Zinhle also shared images in his Insta story, which sparked further speculation.

The duo, who has a three-year-old daughter, has fans speculating for months if they found their way into each other's arms again after the break-up of AKA and Bonang in December 2017.

On several occasions, AKA and Zinhle were seen approaching, but DJ Zinhle refuted the rumors, stating that she and AKA were just parents.

The images of the duo on "baecation & # 39; are circulating in social media, fueling speculation that they kissed and made peace.


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