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Lawyer filmed several times outside the law firm of Joburg

Police and family members are around the body of a lawyer shot outside a legal person in Newtown, Johannesburg.

Johannesburg – A man believed to be a lawyer has died after being shot several times outside a law firm in Newtown on Tuesday morning.

After being shot, the man's lifeless body was lying on the sidewalk, a few feet away from the car, outside the building that would be his workplace.

According to Johannesburg police spokesman Constable Moloto Kgatla, the charges are that the man had just parked his car outside his workplace when he was ambushed by an unknown suspect who shot him several times.

Kgatla added that after the shooting, the suspect jumped into a white motor vehicle and fled the scene.

Kgatla confirmed that the police opened a murder case. He said the motive behind the shooting was unknown, but that they were investigating.

A security guard who was on the scene said he was doing his daily patrol when he heard shots.

"When I got to this side, all I saw was the man lying in a pool of blood. I'm not sure if he had just gotten to work or if he was going to his car from the office, "said the guard.

Members of the deceased's family were also on site and could hold back tears as they watched investigators at the crime scene conduct their work around the body of the deceased.

They cried more when they were invited to go to the body and see him for the last time before being taken in a mortuary van.

They refused to speak to speak to the media.

ER24 spokesman Russell Meiring said the paramedics arrived shortly after eight in the morning to discover that the man had already succumbed to injuries.

"On closer inspection, the paramedics found a man lying on the sidewalk. The assessments showed that the man had suffered several gunshot wounds and showed no signs of life, "Meiring said.

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