Kourtney Kardashian describes ideal partner and sounds like Scott


Could Kourtney Kardashian be subconsciously hoping to reunite with Scott Disick? She did an interview with GQ Mexico on November 26, and in it, she described her future ideal partner. Call us crazy, but your little boy, Scott, has many of the traits he describes!

"It's very important that my partner has confidence in himself, that he knows who he is, so he does not have to show anything to anyone," she explained. Who has more confidence than a man who was once nicknamed royalty in London, bought (and is not ironed) a cane and is routinely called Lord Disick? Moreover, although Scott has deviated from Kourt several times over the years, he has never shared his secrets or talked about it.

"He also has to be understanding and accept me as I am. If it does not, it does not work, "she said. Who could understand or accept her more than the man who made three beautiful babies and spent most of a decade with her even before her family was famous? To fans, it always seemed like Scott's problems were in the way of his relationship with Kourtney, but he was always his biggest supporter.

The statement also appeared to be a kind of disagreement with her former Younes Bendjima, who was showing some signs of jealousy and being checked before the couple separated. In July, Kourtney posted a nice bathing suit showing his loot, and Younes commented, "Is this what you need to show to get tastes?" Later, when the fans started attacking, he said he was just joking. and that "real couples get confused". Well, they were not a "real couple" much longer, so clearly, Kourtney did not like being embarrassed by her man. Maybe we're reading a lot about it, but hey, we can dream!


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