Saturday , October 23 2021

Khama Billiat, star of the chiefs, is encouraged by Zimbabwe's courageous performance against Egypt at the opening of Afcon


"When to go and when to shoot – these little things. I think we've learned. The guys started showing more confidence in the second half. "

Zimbabwe spent Thursday allegedly invaded its hotel rooms by a wage dispute with its federation.

The strike, which threatened to disrupt the opening match, was resolved hours before the start of 10pm.

This spared organizers of a possible public relations disaster after a week in which it was announced that FIFA is taking over the administration of the African Football Confederation (Caf), which has been the target of widespread corruption allegations under controversial President Ahmad Ahmad .

Then again, it would not be the Nations Cup without those dramas off the field.

"I think the guys are really professional. I give credit for it. The way we put it all in a span of a few hours and shifted focus to the game, "Billiat said.

"That means a lot. And I'm not saying we have that result [a defeat] because of what happened. We show professionalism.

"If what happened made us poor performance today, we could have lost more, we could not have had certain moments we had.

"So I do not think it has anything to do with the result. But we take it as a lesson. We still have the chance to do better. And thank God, there are more games coming up. Let's use this game to fix our mistakes.

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