Kevin Wakeford, CEO of Armscor, criticizes Agrizzi's allegations as "malicious"


Armscor CEO Kevin Wakeford. Stock Photo: Selwyn Tait.

Johannesburg – Armaments Corporation of South Africa (Armscor) executive director Kevin Wakeford on Monday criticized allegations by former COO Angelo Agrizzi of Bosasa in the state's capture inquiry. "malicious, a gross fabrication and the fabric of lies. "

Wakeford was allegedly implicated in a statement submitted to the Zondo Commission of Inquiry by Agrizzi.

Agrizzi has given explosive details about how Bosasa, now African Global Corporations, paid massive bribes to government ministers and members of parliament to win lucrative bids and help hide corruption.

He also revealed that Bosasa spent up to $ 6 million monthly bribing several government officials and senior state-owned companies.

A statement issued on behalf of Wakeford confirmed that the head of Armscor was officially notified by the secretariat of the Zondo commission last week that his name appears in documents submitted to the committee.

"Although he did not enjoy the benefit and protection of the commission's rules, he said he would cooperate with the commission and adhere to inter-rule rules related to media interaction."

Wakeford went on to deny Agrizzi's allegations, saying he is "confident that he will be able to clear his name in due course."

He also confirmed his professional relationship as a contracted consultant to Bosasa for approximately eight years, saying that his advisory role covered a number of issues related to political economy.

"I've always avoided conflicts of interest by disclosing my relationships. There is enough evidence to validate this, "he explained.

Armscor's boss even went so far as to say that he believed and respected the "rule of law" and the process of testing evidence to achieve a fair outcome, and for that purpose he and his legal representatives were preparing a detailed presentation.

Wakeford also indicated that he intended to file a petition to present evidence to the commission, to undergo interrogation, and to interrogate Agrizzi.

"I sacrificed myself and devoted much of my life to integrity and ethical leadership, often to the detriment of myself and my family. I have been marginalized and marginalized as a result of my involvement in reporting irregularities. The Rand Collapse Commission in 2002 and my support for former Deputy Director General of the Department of Justice Mike Tshishonga during their 2003 and 2004 complaints demonstrate this. Award-winning journalist and author Barry Sergeant, The Assault on the Rand is an excellent record of both subjects.

"I have been Armscor's CEO since May 1, 2015. Armscor has no contracts with Bosasa. In fact, Armscor also has no contracts with any of the companies linked to Gupta. We got three clean audits and one unqualified audit during my tenure as CEO. I am committed to clearing my name and requesting that all stakeholders have patience while working with my legal team to prepare, "he said.

Wakeford confirmed that he had asked the Armscor Council to put him on special leave on Tuesday to give him time to prepare his response and give him time to clear his name.

Wakeford continues, "Armscor employees can not be expected to be led by a CEO whose integrity is questioned in the public domain, hence the special leave period."



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