JUST IN: The council advances rates


The herald

Innocent Ruwende senior reporter
Harare City Council is poised to revise rates for on-demand services, which include construction fees and rents, as the local authority, which needs money, looks for ways to increase revenue.

The local authority, however, will not increase fees and other regular payments, such as garbage and water collection fees. The proposed tariffs are expected to be confirmed at a Special Council meeting to be held this week. The city's corporate communications manager, Michael Chideme, confirmed the development by saying that the council decided to keep rates billed at current rates, which are fees, water and garbage collection.

"We realize that these are basic people need every day. All we are under pressure to increase now are on demand services such as waiting list fees and other service charges, "he said.

"We realize that people are also hard pressed and we can not raise their rates because they will not be able to pay them, but the services that people have to pay to be done instantly are those we are proposing to increase"

He said the services do not affect residents on a regular basis and that the council charged below-market rates for office and apartment rentals. Chideme said the board should use its assets to make money and that the money would be used to subsidize fees and other daily payments.

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