Joker roundup with ridiculous combos, secret and professional victory poses like Leffen, Armada, ZeRo experiencing the newest Super Smash Bros. fighter. Ultimate


As much Joker, nor is funny

While we, in the fighting game community, are living and breathing Mortal Kombat in anticipation excited for the official launch next week, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seems to have taken center stage again with his Person of Joker's character release.

We have seen a huge amount of content as fans share their experiences, technological developments, strategies and more with the new guest Smasher. We've put together a collection of such content so you can conveniently view it in one place … like a hub …

While much of our content here involves investigating the potential and abilities of the Joker game, we also have a bit of lighter fun, since the NRG | Nairo recently discovered a special victory screen during a recent streaming session.

Most of our roundup includes footage from professional Smash players like Alliance | Armada, TsM | Leffen, Weather | ZeRo, FOX | Mew2King and FOX | MK Leo, because they all see what they can meet with the newcomer.

Leffen goes so far as to say that Joker will be his new main character, but let's see how long this takes considering how much we're out of the release. It really does seem that the Joker has an exceptional amount of potential, and may well be one of the strongest fighters in Smash Ultimate.

Let's kick-start this ridiculous series of Alpharad as it takes this Simon from 100% to almost 200% and a KO. We did not test ourselves, but he claims his DI and dodge-proof air:

Click the image for the animated version

Here is the special victory screen we mentioned. Nairo wins the game with an All Out Attack, and things win an extra fast anime:

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