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Investec employees receive unlimited license

Investec employees are happy with the introduction of the company's new holiday option, which will allow unlimited days, provided the deadlines are met.

Along with this new introduction, the company will also allow employees to use whatever they want to work by reducing the workplace's dress code.

"Investec is introducing new licensing practices and clothing for all South African employees. The team will have the option to switch to a new licensing system that will not limit the number of days they can take per year. The new apparel policy will give the team the freedom to choose how to dress based on their tasks / meetings of the day, "the company said in a statement.

This move demonstrates the company's focus on paying its staff according to the effort put into its work and its output instead of hours worked.

In addition, employees will be rewarded with significant bonuses for being innovative and going beyond the basic requirements, so the number of leave days an employee takes will not affect their salaries.

Many locals are excited by the news of Investec's latest adaptation and hope that their own company may someday consider this option.

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