Inquiry hears the investigator's visit to the homes Mantashe angry minister


The Minister of Mineral Resources, Gwede Mantashe. Stock Photo: GCIS.

Johannesburg – Zondo's commission heard that Minister of Mineral Resources Gwede Mantashe and his wife were furious that a commission investigator was not granted permission before conducting a search on their property.

The commission's investigator, Patrick Mlambo, appeared in the inquiry on Tuesday and detailed his visits to the homes of former property owners of correctional services Linda Mti and Mantashe.

The purpose of the visits was to evaluate the work that had been done through Bosasa's special projects, which involved installing security updates in the homes of politicians.

Mlambo had traveled with Le Roux to the properties because he was the one who led the team that installed the security upgrades.

The visits took place in February 2019.

Mlambo said that Mti, though reluctant, allowed him to take pictures of the security updates made at his house.

When Mlambo and Le Roux arrived at Mantashe's house in Elliot, they found a woman on the property.

Mlambo said he explained to the woman that he was part of the commission's legal team and needed to inspect the house in search of security facilities.

The woman allowed them to enter and led them to several rooms inside the house. Le Roux confirmed the screens that were installed as well as the surveillance cameras.

While Mlambo was explaining, Raymond Zondo intervened and raised questions about why Mlambo continued the search when none of the Mantashe was not present at the time.

He said it was unacceptable and that this should not be done.

Mlambo also told the other Mantashe property commission in Cala, the Eastern Cape, which also had security facilities funded by Bosasa.

When they arrived, no one was present, but le Roux pointed to the LED light and the electric fence installed by him. Mlambo took pictures and then left.

Mlambo then told the commission how he received an angry phone call from Mrs. Mantashe who disagreed with the fact that he had visited his estates without his permission. She did not give him a chance to respond and released the call.

"I received a call from a person who identified himself as Mrs. Mantashe on February 20. She was accusing me very strongly of having entered her estates without her permission. I tried to inform her that the purpose of my visit was for research purposes only. She did not hear anything and said I even asked her to listen to what I had to say and she hung up after her verbal attack, "said Mlambo.

Minister Mantashe also called Mlambo and expressed similar reservations. The Mantashes told Mlambo that since then they have fired the lady who gave him permission to enter his house.

Mlambo told Zondo that in retrospect he should have made an effort to get permission from the Mantashes to visit the estates.

Mlambo and Le Roux then traveled to Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal to inspect the property of former SAA board director Dudu Myeni.

Mlambo said that he had decided to call Myeni the night before to visit the property and inform her.

He said that Myeni was not pleased with his phone call and said that he called her late into the night and that she was a married woman who can not answer calls at night.

Myeni told Mlambo that he should email her and his lawyers about his intentions and why he wanted to visit the property.

Mlambo did this the next day, but Myeni, in her reply, did not give her permission, but she was more interested in who else the commission was investigating.

Mlambo said he left Richard Bay on the same day and did not inspect Myeni's property as he intended because Myeni could not give him permission.

The inquiry continues.

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