Idris Elba won tirelessly "direct" & # 39; Sexiest Man Alive & # 39 ;, U.K. Guardian writer regrets


Idris Elba, recently named People's Sexiest Man, is apparently not just a straight man, he is "relentlessly heterosexual," a UK newspaper said.

An editorial published this week by The Guardian claims that People have a faulty title that only rewards "decidedly male, established patriarchal figures," as collaborator Caspar Salmon lamented the preference perceived by heterosexual celebrities.

"The award, in other words, is tirelessly direct: it makes him feel strangely detached from contemporary public discourse, which has clearly been pollinated with queer culture, where the attraction of men is concerned," wrote the author on Wednesday -market.

The author then stated that a "cult of masculinity" has a hold on the world before continuing: "People are duty-bound to reflect all kinds of beauty but their display of strong men in their mostly white, direct action tells us something about the dominant culture, and yeah, let's face it, funny …. For now, we celebrate Idris Elba as their least terrible choice in memory and eagerly await sensual developments. "

People, however, had a different view on the nomination process.

"For a man to be sexy in 2018, we need to know that they are respectful to women and that there is kindness and generosity of spirit about the guy," Jess Cagle, editor-in-chief of the magazine, said Nov. 5.

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