"I did this to keep the kids safe," says the mother who fought the attackers


People are saying that what I did was stupid and they're asking why I did not run But at the time, my head was not telling me He was telling me to protect the children, "she said.

Skanke said family friends were leaving at around 7:40 pm when the incident occurred.

A pregnant mother and her daughter were in a car, while the other two children were in the other.

Skanke carried his three-year-old son to his hip while his four-year-old son was in the house.

A video of the incident shows Skanke manually closing the gate of the armed men before she joins her friend to help her.

However, shots are fired and his friend, the father of the three-year-old girl sitting on one of the cars, falls to the ground.

Skanke did not give up and continued to keep the gunslingers away until they fled.

"All I could think about was what would happen if they went in. I was trying to arrest them so the kids could run out of vehicles, but I did not want them to go into the property either because I do not know what they wanted and feared what they would do with the children, "she said.

Skanke said the reality of the traumatic incident hit her and she had been thrilled since Saturday night.


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