Hot Wheels Fan To Turn Model Cast Hot Wheels


Winner of the Hot Wheels Legends tour: 2JetZ

Winner of the Hot Wheels Legends tour: 2JetZ

Hot Wheels representatives toured the United States as part of the company's Hot Wheels Legends Tour to celebrate the 50th anniversary of toy cars. Along the way, they searched for the next Hot Wheels model. They have found, and now a fan will have their car immortalized.

The brand announced last Wednesday that it selected Luis Rodriguez and his custom 2JetZ hot rod as the winner on a quest for a personalized car worth the Hot Wheels treatment. The judges selected Rodriguez's car out of 3,600 entries. The 2JetZ will be transformed into a 1:64 scale Hot Wheels toy car to be released next year. Judges who chose the winner included Jay Leno, hot-wheel designer Larry Wood, and noted Porsche enthusiast, Magnus Walker, among others. Rodriguez's car was one of 15 finalists selected after 15 stops throughout the national tour.

Luis Rodriquez with the winner of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, 2JetZ

Luis Rodriquez with the winner of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour, 2JetZ

All of the finalists' cars were on display at the 2018 SEMA show in Las Vegas last week. Chris Down, senior vice president and general manager of the Hot Wheels brand, said 2JetZ will be a car that both adult and younger fans will love and recognize.

The large car is intended to honor US veterans and takes the form of a combat jet. Rodriguez built the car from scratch as a way to test his limits as a builder. He ended up with a hot 600 horsepower stick with a central position – attributes absolutely worthy of the name Hot Wheels.

In addition to the immortalization of his car, Hot Wheels will also induce the construction of Rodriguez in the Hot Wheels Garage of Legends.

For those looking for another way to celebrate everyone's favorite toy car, Chevrolet dealerships may still have some issues of the 50th Anniversary of the Camaro Hot Wheels available. It's already too late to get a re-released set of the original 16 Hot Wheels, but you can find it for a healthy profit margin on eBay.


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