Tuesday , March 9 2021

Golf: "It's our job" – Ryan Fox defends decision to play controversial tournament in Saudi Arabia

Kiwi golfer Ryan Fox knows he has a job to do in Saudi Arabia this week and that the political issues in the country should not disrupt it.

Fox joins a star-studded lineup at the event, which includes four of the top five golfers in the world. The tournament is under fire from several angles in the lead after problems in the country.

British golf player Paul Casey refused to play at the event because of the country's "human rights violations", including the killing and dismembering of journalist Jamal Khashoggi at a Saudi embassy three months ago. Sport Telegraph Recently, revealed that Tiger Woods also declined more than $ 3.81 million to play.

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"Everyone has the right to their own opinion and Paul is a world class player and plays mostly on the PGA Tour anyway. I can see why he would not want to come," Fox said. Radio Sport.

"This is a great event, it's a great handbag and some of those human rights events that you can put in the back of your mind. It's our job to play golf, we have a good golf tournament here and we come to some other places where you can feel less secure … that's all you have to do for your job. "

Fox enters the tournament after a difficult exit at the Dubai Desert Classic, where he failed to make the cut. Despite a weak tournament last week, Fox said he was feeling good about his game and was ready to go in Saudi Arabia as well as the other golfers who chose to attend the tournament.

"I think everyone here this week probably had some thoughts about it, but the Tour assured us that everything would be safe, we would be treated well and they wanted us to play to support a new programming event.

"It's been good so far.I applaud the people who took a stand and did not want to come here, but again, it's our job.I'm not too worried about the political side of things, I'm here playing golf and doing the best that you can

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