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EXCLUSIVE: Agrizzi to implicate Zuma, Jiba in the Bosasa scandal

The founding of former President Jacob Zuma received $ 300,000 a month for Bosasa for years, purportedly in return for his influence to ensure that political leaders opened the doors to new contracts with the government.

With the growth of the relationship with Zuma, Bosasa CEO Gavin Watson turned to Zuma to kill an ongoing corruption investigation by officials of the National Authority of Promoters (ANP) and the Hawks.

News24 has learned reliably that Bosasa's former chief of operations, Angelo Agrizzi, will reveal this and much more during his toss-and-go testimony before the Zondo Commission to investigate the capture of the state next week. Agrizzi will imply that Minister Nomvula Mokonyane and top prosecutors Nomgcobo Jiba and Lawrence Mrwebi are involved in the Bosasa corruption network.

So comfortable was Watson with Zuma that, prior to a meeting with the former president in May 2015, he outlined how he planned to pressure Zuma to appoint a National Director of Public Prosecutors (NDPP) who would terminate the investigations in progress.

Agrizzi secretly recorded the meeting and News24 got the audio clip in September last year.

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But Bosasa and Watson did not depend solely on Zuma's ability to stop an indictment.

By 2011, they had already drafted a plan to bribe prosecutors Jiba and Mrwebi through former prison chief Linda Mti and his former secretary, Jackie Lepinka, who was then Jiba's personal assistant.

Agrizzi climbed the booth on Wednesday and unveiled a bomb after reporting years of corruption at the facility management company Krugersdorp.

So far, his testimony has revealed the extensive schemes the company operated to generate money to pay bribes on a monthly basis, as employees of the South African Airport Company and Correios da SA were bribed in exchange for bids in 2001.

News24 revealed on Friday that this was supposed to extend to Dr. Khotso de Wee, secretary of the Zondo commission and former chief of operations for the justice department.

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After the report De Wee offered to depart and was then placed on special leave while awaiting the outcome of the commission's investigations into the allegation against him.

Agrizzi, next week, will imply that top political leaders and government officials, Bosasa, would have been bribed to secure contracts and stay out of jail, including Jiba and Zuma.

Mokonyane reportedly received gifts including lavish Christmas parties sponsored by Bosasa, upgrades and security systems installed in her home, and she facilitated the patronage of Zuma birthday parties and other ANC functions by Bosasa.

Not so Correctional Services

His testimony is also still to deal with bribes paid to former correctional chief Linda Mti and the department's chief financial officer, Patrick Gillingham.

The improper relationship between Gillingham, Mti and Bosasa was a headline in 2008 and 2009, when an investigation of the Special Investigations Unit revealed how bribes, including money, cars and houses, among others, were used to secure lucrative contracts for correctional services.

It is these allegations that resulted in an investigation by the newly established Hawks in conjunction with NPA prosecutors.

So far, none of the parties involved has been prosecuted – allegedly as a result of bribes paid to officials in charge of the investigation.

News24 revealed on Saturday that the investigation was complete, after almost exactly 10 years.

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In a previously published News24 tape, it was revealed that Watson planned to press the president's hand to nominate an NDPP that would be sympathetic to Bosasa and that the investigation be closed, in addition to protecting Jiba and Mrwebi.

"We need to close this thing, Mr. President," says Watson in recording what he planned to tell Zuma during a meeting scheduled for May 2015 in Nkandla.

Former NDPP Shaun Abrahams was appointed a month later in June 2015.

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Cobra, Snail and Jay

During his testimony, Agrizzi revealed that he kept coded records of bribes in small black notebooks. The records were encrypted to prevent other employees from establishing the identities of the employees involved.

The codename for Jiba was & # 39; Snake & # 39; while Mrwebi was & # 39; Snail & # 39; and Lepinka, & # 39; Jay & 39;

Allegedly Mti would meet Jiba, Mrwebi and Lepinka, or all three, and Bosasa's investigation would be discussed. At that time, the money would be delivered.

The money was delivered to Mti by Agrizzi or Watson, with the understanding that R $ 100,000 was for Jiba, R20,000 for Lepinka and R10,000 for Mrwebi.

Mrwebi was the head of the NPA's commercial crime unit and reported to Jiba, who was the head of the National Public Prosecution Service and later acted as the NDPP.

Both are currently in suspension and are facing an inquiry into their suitability to hold office.

Agrizzi and Watson were informed by Mti that the documents and information of which they had knowledge came from Jiba and Mrwebi also, however, it is understood that Agrizzi never personally witnessed Jiba or Mrwebi delivering documents or meeting with Mti.

A number of confidential NPA documents, including statements from potential witnesses, were delivered to Bosasa by Mti, who in turn allegedly obtained the documents from Jiba, Mrwebi and / or Lepinka.

Jiba, Mrwebi and Lepinka categorically denied that they had already received cash payments from Bosasa when News24 put them in September 2018.

During an interview with Jiba at the NPA's offices, Jiba added that he did not know Mti and that, in fact, it was thanks to her that the Bosasa affair had been pursued.

If it were not for her, "the Bosasa affair would still be gathering dust," she told the News24.

This is, however, at odds with the history of the case.

In 2009, the SIU finalized its report detailing how Bosasa had bribed Mti and Gillingham with money, cars and presents in exchange for multimillion-dollar food and fencing proposals in prisons across the country.

The report was forwarded to the NPA in February 2010 by the then minister of penitentiary services Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, where he has since accumulated dust. Amid allegations of "political interference" and incompetence, little or no progress has been made so far.

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A spokesman for Mokonyane told the Sunday Times that the
minister of Bosasa thanks to the company's social investments in the West
Rand, but denied the allegations as "devoid of truth."

"The minister is not aware of any testimony before the
which is the basis for such allegations, nor was it advised by the
of such allegations made against her. How and when
allegations are presented to the committee, it is committed to respond "
said Mokonyane spokesman Mlimandlela Ndamasa, according to the newspaper.

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