Drake's father supports R. Kelly after allegations of sexual abuse


Dennis Graham is preparing to release her new single, "That on That." As he hits the promo track, DrakePope made some time to sit down with Variety. During the interview, Graham spoke in support of R. Kelly.

"He's a good friend of mine. I wish him well," Graham said when asked. on the allegations which the troubled singer is currently facing. "I hate that this is happening to him.There is a reason for women to leave after the fact.He has my 100% support."

He also addressed the claims currently surrounding Jussie Smollett– and he thinks people also get it wrong.

"Jussie was misunderstood. In fact, they know it," he said. "This story about Jussie in Chicago is not true about Jussie." Jussie is a friend of mine, too.

You can say whatever you want about his opinions, but you can not say that he does not support his friends.

Later in the interview, Graham approached Recent statements by Tiffany Haddish that he has unsuccessfully tried to date her, and it is clear that there is no bad blood. However, it appears that he is not exactly coordinating his event account.

"Tiffany is amazing and crazy, she's a funny person, I saw her in New York not long ago," said Graham. Variety. "We kicked in a minute and that's it. We were talking about music, she said she was going to start making music and I said we should do something together."

You can read Dennis Graham's full interview with Variety On here.

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