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DR Congo registers 26 deaths per Ebola in a single day

BUTEBO – Twenty-six people have died of Ebola in a single day in North Kivu province, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the highest number since the outbreak nearly nine months ago, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday.

The current outbreak is the second deadliest ever recorded after the epidemic that struck West Africa in 2014-2016 and killed more than 11,300 people.

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The Ministry of Health had 957 deaths in the country, of which 891 were confirmed cases and 66 suspects.

"There were 26 confirmed deaths of cases" on Sunday, April 28, in northern Kivu province, the ministry said in a statement.

According to the report, of the total deaths of 957, 33 were health professionals who had succumbed to the disease.

The Democratic Republic of Congo declared the tenth outbreak of ebola in 40 years in August last year in North Kivu before the virus spread to the neighboring region of Ituri.

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The epicenter was first located in the rural area of ​​Mangina, but then moved to the town of Beni.

Local organizations say the number of Ebola deaths is increasing.

Adding to the logistical problems, there are a number of attacks on teams battling the disease.

A Cameroonian doctor working for the World Health Organization (WHO), Richard Valery Mouzoko Kiboung, was shot dead on 19 April.

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"We will not be intimidated … we will finish our work," said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus during a visit to Nord-Kivu on Monday.

"Your safety is our priority. We will do everything to protect you," he added.

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