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Deleting Facebook also deletes the Oculus library »Stuff

It’s amazing how Facebook seems so determined to destroy any kind of solid reputation it has with users. In addition to all those horrible ads and data breaches in the past, one (kind of) cool thing Facebook did was invest money in Oculus, a company that brought virtual reality home better than any other. Sure, they invested only by buying the company, but I think that’s how things work in Silicon Valley’s frightening corporate existence. Still, while everyone is enjoying the latest Oculus headphones, Quest and Quest 2, Facebook seems to be intent on ruining any kind of excitement anyone has for VR, essentially forcing their social media platform on everyone Oculus users.

A little earlier this month (or last month? Time is no longer meaningful), we wrote a story about how Facebook would soon require all Oculus owners to have a Facebook account just to continue using the headset. As annoyingly intrusive as it was, Facebook simply did something even worse, as it confirmed that deleting the Facebook account deletes your Oculus account, which obviously deletes all games in the user’s library.


What the hell is going on with Oculus?

Speaking to UploadVR, Facebook confirmed that if a user linked their Facebook account to the Oculus headset, a process that every user is likely to have to go through in the near future, and they want to delete their social media account, they will simply have to make peace with the loss of all your purchased Oculus games and applications. If you already own an Oculus headset and have not yet linked your accounts, you are safe, but all new users will be required to do so and in 2023, Facebook will no longer recognize Oculus accounts altogether.

Screenshots began to circulate from a message that appears if a Facebook user wants to go through the process of deleting Facebook. The message says: “Deleting your Facebook account will also delete your Oculus information. This includes your app purchases and achievements. You will no longer be able to return any application and you will lose all existing credits in the store. “

Many people criticized Facebook for this, frankly, ridiculous move. Still, Facebook’s head of virtual and augmented reality, Andrew Bosworth, defends the practice. “I want to point out that this is very common – Google, Apple, Xbox, choose a favorite. They make you sign in with an account and there is a reason for that. In this way, we can provide better services and more solid guarantees regarding aspects such as data security and regulatory compliance. So I’m a big fan of that change, anyway, ”said Bosworth in an Instagram story.

While what Bosworth claims may be true, it still seems somewhat dystopian to require users to create a social media account simply to access a game console. I doubt that Facebook will really change or hear people’s complaints, so I think we all have to accept that we are stuck with Facebook if we want to maintain the magic of Oculus Quest. Or buy an HTC Vive, I don’t know.

(Source: Eurogamer)

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