Sunday , March 7 2021

#DataMustFall: MTN cuts prepaid package rates by up to 75%

MTN launches the Double Your Bundle promotion to reward prepaid customers with 100% free value when they purchase selected packages. Stock Photo: IOL

CAPE CITY – MTN said on Thursday it cut the out-of-package data (OOB) rate for prepaid customers by up to 75 percent and would double prepaid voice and data packages for the next two months.

Prepaid customers who do not use data packets now pay 29c per megabyte for data usage, while customers who buy data packets pay 49c per megabyte for the use of OOB data.

"We have consistently reduced the cost of communication in recent years, but we want to do more for our customers and, in addressing the OOB pricing issue, we know that we are dealing with a real problem for the millions of South Africans who support MTN . "Said MTN South Africa's chief executive, Godfrey Motsa.

Motsa said the imminent release of the much needed spectrum was a major milestone in the history of telecommunications in South Africa and is a cause for optimism.

"We are very encouraged by the measures taken by the government and our regulator to make progress in the liberation of the spectrum. More spectrum will be a major contributor to help further reduce communication costs and by reducing our OOB prices, MTN is showing our commitment to our customers and the future of this industry, "said Motsa.

Purchasing data packages remains the most economical way to use data, so the new OOB pricing system is structured to encourage customers to stay in-bundle. For customers who have never used data packets, the price has been set to 29c to allow the use of the Internet at a good price, even though it does not use a data packet.

New customers who have just activated their SIM cards, customers who migrated to MTN, along with active MTN subscribers who migrated from contracts or hybrid prepaid packages, will receive the 29c rate. This rate will only change when they start using data packets.

"With so many priorities competing for a portion of our consumers' portfolios, we want to remove concern about OOB pricing and help keep our customers connected, at all times and at affordable prices," said Motsa.

Due to the size of MTN's subscriber base, the solution will be rolled out to all prepaid customers over a seven-day period beginning at midnight today (January 31). In addition to the reduced OOB price, MTN has also announced that it will double the prepaid customer's voice and data packages selected for the entire month of February and March.

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The MTN Double Your Bundle promotion rewards prepaid customers with 100% free value when they purchase voice packages and selected data by dialing * 142 #. When customers dial * 142 # and select Dual Data or Dual Voice, they are presented with three offers. When a customer chooses an offer, such as a 500 MB package, they receive an additional 500 MB package. Packages are available in daily, weekly and monthly options.

* 142 # service offers discounted deals that are individually tailored to each customer. The Double Your Bundle agreement is an additional promotion, in addition to the discounts already offered by * 142 #.

"The MTN Double Your Bundle promotion gives our customers the ability to stay connected for longer and for less," said Mapula Bodibe, MTN's consumer division executive.

"We want to show that #WeGotU is not just a campaign, it's how MTN we think about our customers, making sure we're doing everything we can to better meet their expectations and keep them connected to the people and things they they love. "Said Bodibe.


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