Cyril Ramaphosa visits the founder of Ladysmith Black Mambazo


President Cyril Ramaphosa paid a courtesy visit to the home of the founder of the multi-Grammy-winning Isicathamiya group, Ladysmith Black Mambozo.

Ramaphosa said he was honored and privileged to be at the home of Joseph Shabalala. Joseph, 77, retired from the group about four years ago.

"To be at the feet of a giant like Shabalala drool, we feel privileged to come and pay our respects to him, as he is now retired," Ramaphosa said.

Family spokesman Sibongiseni Shabalala said the family was humiliated by Ramaphosa's visit.

"The president today fulfilled his promise that he will visit my father and although my father is still recovering after a back surgery, he was optimistic and excited about the president's visit," said Sibongiseni.

Ramaphosa also congratulated Ladysmith Black Mambazo for the group's longevity.

"They have existed for 59 years, this is the group with the highest performance in the world. This, like South Africans, should give us pride," added Ramaphosa.

The group is due to take off for a European tour on Saturday afternoon.


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