Cygnus Capsule offers a delicious Easter banquet for the Space Station


On Friday, the Cygnus capsule arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) with all fixings for an Easter banquet and other supplies, including small flying robots and mice for a study.

Cygnus and his 3,450-kilo load left Wallops Island, Virginia, on Wednesday, and completed their space journey in a day and a half, The Globe and the Mail reported. On April 19, at 5:28 am EST, NASA astronaut Anne McClain and Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut David Saint-Jacques used Canadarm 2, the robotic arm of the International Space Station, to capture the carrying treats and equipment for experiments. for the cosmonauts.

For Cygnus's trip, NASA has made over 800 meals for the six astronauts on the International Space Station, including options for pork chops with gravy, smoked turkey, potato au gratin, apricot pie and lemon meringue pudding. According to the CSA, some Canadian treats were also sent to cosmonauts. Smoked salmon, maple cream biscuits and a bison chorizo, which is based on the favorite family dish of Saint-Jacques, were also included in the Easter-themed package.

Cygnus also delivered other important items to the International Space Station, including three free-flying robots that were designed to help astronauts, 40 rats that will be part of a tetanus vaccination study aboard the lab in orbit and "smart shirts" and collecting of sample kits that will be used to collect data for a Canadian study on insulin resistance and arterial stiffness in astronauts.

The Cygnus capsule is expected to remain at the International Space Station until July. Once its duration has expired in the orbital laboratory, it will be released for a Northrop Grumman solo orbit test.

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