CLOCK: The life of a gasoline attendant during fuel walks


JOHANNESBURG – With rising gasoline prices, motorists' frustrations over gasoline attendants have also increased.

Drivers are in a difficult time, as the price of sky rockets once again.

Gasoline will increase by 54 cents per liter, while diesel will rise by 1 cent per liter and will light paraffin by 3 cents per liter.

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The life of a flight attendant seems to be a bit more difficult when the price of gasoline increases and this does not match with Samuel Muhadi, a gasoline attendant.

"Some people, when they arrive at the gas station, begin to fight before even greeting them, Muhadi said.

"It's agitated for us, you see."

Tshegohaco Moagi takes a look at what it's like to be a gasoline attendant during these difficult financial times.


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