Black Ops 4 & # 39; Classified Easter Egg Cutscene unlocked by glitches


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombie enthusiasts finally discovered the Classified Finishing scene, and this has generated some controversy in the community. The short clip requires players to reach the 150th round, which was held by Pluto, TheGamingRevo and dkdynamite on Monday. The only problem is that the trio had to use flaws and exploits to do it without crashing.

The final 90 seconds shows the Ultimis Zombies team sitting in a cell inside Hangar 4 after the Moon events. A revived Richtofen plays with Nikolai, who drinks his beloved vodka. As soon as he's about to take a sip, the Dead Blood Quartet enters through a portal, and Primis Nikolai tells the Ultimis crew that they must prepare to fight the Great War against Doctor Monty. In short, the ending suggests that the future DLC Aether Zombies will feature the Primis and Ultimis groups coming together for the first time.

Black Ops 4 Nikolai and Nikolai classifieds Nikolai sends Nikolai on a mission to stop Dr. Monty. Treyarch / Activision / dkdynamite @ YouTube

In typical fashion of the zombies, there are many unanswered questions. For example, why the version of Richtofen that comes through the portal wearing his Primis clothing if Primis Richtofen was sacrificed at the end of Blood of the Dead? Have the Richtofen post-revelations changed their clothes, or is this the replica of Primis Richtofen seen at the beginning of the Blood of the Dead? The dialogue implies that much has happened between Classified and Blood of the Dead, so we expect the next DLC to fill those narrative gaps.

More controversial than the ending itself, however, is how the scene was achieved. As the clip can not be unlocked without cheating as the Pluto team did, there is a debate over whether or not Treyarch served the zombie fans. If the only way to beat the map is to break it in ways that the developer does not intentionally allow, Classified is broken? Should it have been released if it can not be legitimately terminated?

In response to the discovery, zombie expert MrRoflWaffles has published a series of important tweets addressed to Treyarch and Zombies director Jason Blundell:

"Black Ops 4 is the best zombie release to date conceptually, but the absolute worst in practice. The classified egg is a perfect example. I do not care about a big egg, but when you can only reach 100+ through flaws and exploits, you know the product just was not ready to be released. And honestly, at this point, I am so deeply concerned about Blundell's strange approach to community development. I love the work of the guy, but I feel that his obsession with secrecy and being puzzling has resulted in an incredibly poor community environment. COMMUNICATE FOR ONCE PLEASE.

"I can not think of a single other example of a game launching in a non-playable state, this fundamentally unfinished, without developers recognizing it in smaller. "General stability improvements" are categorical and hand-waving nonsense. Get in the camera and talk to us, Jason.

As these tweets suggest, this is not the first time zombie worshipers have been disappointed by Treyarch's post-launch approach to Black Ops 4. In addition to the vague notes that accompany important updates, the critical steps of the Easter egg were also unexpectedly changed with the arrival of version 1.03. For players who are already unhappy, the fact that Classified looks like a broken map with an almost impossible reward only adds insult to injury.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Classified is available through the Black Ops Pass.

What are your thoughts on the ending scene for classifieds? Is this map really broken? Tell us in the comments section!


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