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ASSISTIR: Pastor attacked by & # 39; wearing EFF cap, called k-word

A pastor at the Johannesburg church says he was attacked last week for apparently wearing an EFF hat.

Ron Rambebu, 38, had just filled his car in an Engen garage on Kingfisher Road in Horizon Park, Roodepoort, West Rand, on Friday, when he was allegedly attacked by a man who was also at the station.

Rambebu, who ministers in Greater Glory's international ministries, told News24 that as he was about to depart, a man in a black T-shirt came to the car window and began to punch him.

"I thought I was being kidnapped, so I tried to close the window.I tried to close it, but my car has a sensor preventing it from closing the window if there is a hand through it.Instead it always lowers the window even you try to pressure him, "he said.

Reportedly called & # 39; k-word & # 39;

Rambedu said he headed for the other side of the garage, where he realized he was bleeding.

"I stopped and tried to wipe the blood from my eyes, and when I looked at them, they were still pointing their fingers at me." I saw a wrench. "As I rushed toward them to fight back, they left," said Rambebu. .

He told News24 that he now has a bruise just below the right eyebrow.

The pastor said that when he tried to get assistance with CCTV footage from the garage, gasoline workers informed him that the two men were commenting on the EFF cap he was wearing and supposedly called it the "K word."

Police spokesman Kay Makhubele said a case of assault was being investigated and that there were no arrests at this time.

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Rambebu said he never imagined being in such a situation and was angry because, to him, it was a "racial attack."

"This incident has left me in a position where I now think that these things about black and white people have now come to me. (Sic) If the law can follow its course and the perpetrators brought to book, that's all I want to see, " he said.

He thought it unfair for men to attack him because of his support for a political party.

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