AMD Ryzen 7 3800X surfaces on the Geekbench, runs roughly similar to the Core i9 9900K


It will not be more than a week or two before AMD releases its new Ryzen 3000 processors and the X570 platform. We're bound to see some accidental leaks beforehand, I guess. The first begins today when a Ryzen 7 3800X was seen.

The Ryzen 7 3800X eight-core processor shows a base clock of 3.8 GHz and an increase of up to 4.5 GHz. It seems the memory has not been configured properly, at only 2133 MHz – however, the results are impressive . The test platform had a 3800X paired with an X470 motherboard and reached a score of 5406 on a single core, the generic score was 34059 points. A Core i9 9900K with DDR4 set at the same speed scores about 1% better on single-threaded performance (it has a boost higher than 5.0 GHz), however, in multiple threads, there is a nearly 5% win in favor of AMD. Going a bit further, a 9900K with ddr4-2666 memory runs over 14% better on a single thread and half a percent better on the multi-core test.

These tests, of course, and the Geekbench in general, say very little, but show an indication of what we can expect.

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