AfriForum takes over MTN's position on denial of apartheid Steve Hofmeyr


The lobby group AfriForum declared a dispute and launched a public campaign against MTN over its alleged "racist action" after the company withdrew from Afrikaans is Groot (AIG) due to Steve Hofmeyr's involvement in the series.

MTN announced the withdrawal of sponsorship from the Afrikaans music festival after a protest against the inclusion of the Hofmeyr apartheid negationist.

AfriForum's executive vice president, Ernst Roets, said that although the company has withdrawn its sponsorship because it "does not support the personal visions of one of the artists performing at the music festival", "it does not hesitate to act as [a] sponsor of the ANC and EFF political meetings. "

Roets said that MTN's "sponsorship criteria, therefore, boils down to having to support the personal visions of those involved in a project."

"One can therefore conclude that MTN, with its sponsorship of the ANC and EFF, supports the views of both parties," he argued.

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"The ANC threatened that the land of white farmers would be forcibly taken away if they did not voluntarily turn it over to blacks and the FEP incited crime against people based on their race, both of which are also guilty of hate speech against minorities. were, MTN admits by this step that they tolerate ANC and EFF racism, "Roets said.

Jacqui O'Sullivan, business affairs executive at MTN South Africa told Channel24, News24 website, that the Groot music festival is a great platform to attract Afrikaans speakers from all walks of life.

"MTN believes in supporting and showing the musical talent of South Africa and promoting the music that exposes more South Africans to the different genres that exist in our country," she said.

"Local South African music is rich in talent, but it is difficult to get into the music industry and any platform that promotes access to music-loving audiences should be encouraged and preferably not hindered by the racist discourses of an artist."

However, she said that the time MTN is currently reviewing its sponsorship bouquet and its association with AIG, which began in 2015, is part of that consideration.

"We are reviewing all relevant sponsorship criteria such as awareness, exposure, brand risk and unfortunately the continued association of this platform with Hofmeyr remains a significant concern for our future involvement with AIG," said O & # 39; Sullivan .

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