A look at the new house of Meghan Markle [photos]


The Duke and Duchess had plans to move home in March, but they had to wait a few weeks, as the reforms were not complete. They made the change today, with just under a month to spend before the baby Sussex arrives.

There is not much information on the movement currently available. However, Express can confirm that Frogmore Cottage is a birthday gift from Queen Elizabeth.

country house frogmore meghan markle prince harry sussex

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will celebrate their first anniversary on May 19, 2019.

Extensive renewals

The reforms cost the couple about £ 3m, paid with personal wealth. The state will only pay for the safety changes made in homes, such as a panic room.

country house frogmore meghan markle prince harry sussex
Frogmore Cottage overlooks the Frogmore House, where Harry and Meghan had their evening reception after their #RoyalWedding in May. The Frogmore Gardens – open only 2/3 days a year – are beautiful. / Image via Twitter: @chrisshipitv

However, security-related expenses can be high, since Frogmore is less than 200 meters from the public Long Walk. All sides of the property are easily accessible. Ken Wharfe, the former royal protection officer of the Princess of Wales and the royal family, explained:

"Construction and safety costs can reach 5 million pounds in the first year. There will have to be major safety reviews around this property because it is exposed virtually everywhere. "

country house frogmore meghan markle prince harry sussex
A photo of Frogmore Cottage, taken in 2013. / Image via Twitter: @ zirkergirl5

He estimates that security costs would be a dramatic increase for the taxpayer "that could have been avoided had they decided to stay at Kensington Palace."

A gender-neutral baby nursery

As for interior design, Meghan has already contacted Vicky Charles, the designer of Soho Farmhouse. If there are rumors, the couple opted for a gender-neutral design for the baby's nursery.

country house frogmore meghan markle prince harry sussex
"This is Frogmore Cottage now after intense renovations!" / Image via Twitter: @fortheroyals

Lush gardens, green fields and serene lake surround Frogmore Cottage. The grounds of Windsor offer more than enough space for the Baby Sussex play.

The main residence of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Windsor Castle, is a short walk from Frogmore Cottage.

country house frogmore meghan markle prince harry sussex
This is Prince Harry's grandmother and father walking in the gardens of Frogmore House some time ago. Now it will be the gardens where the baby of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will grow. / Image via Twitter: chrisshipitv

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