Sunday , October 17 2021

A clear transfer strategy could have saved Man's millions of men in the latest meta-opinion |


According to The Sun, Manchester United are keen to advance with 40 million pound striker Moussa Dembele, casting doubt on Romelu Lukaku's future at the club.

What's the word then?

Well, the Red Devils have the French striker on target after he scored 22 goals and recorded six assists in the campaign that has just come out.

Dembele, formerly Celtic, caught the eye of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as he is a young player with a lot of unfulfilled potential, a profile that the Norwegian is eager to get past the door at Old Trafford, as opposed to the marked names. .

One point separated City and Liverpool, but twenty-five separated the others! Fans discuss who could reduce the deficit next season in the video below?

At just 22, Dembele scored 101 goals in just 218 appearances throughout his career, an impressive attack rate for someone his age.

United would have to pay about 40 million pounds for the Frenchman, as he still has a four-year contract.

Lack of vision will cost United

It has been reported for over two years that the 20 times first division champions were interested in the same player while he was scoring for fun with Brendan Rodgers at Celtic Park.

Dembele scored 32 goals in the 2016/17 season, so it was hardly like he was an unknown quantity – at the time, United could have it for about 30 million pounds.

It is this lack of vision in the transfer market that has the Red Devils fighting for any old name nowadays, when a real process of identification with Dembele would save them a little money; could also have made it easier to get the player because of its improved reputation ever since.

Solskjaer's clear plan to sign lesser-known names and develop them is admirable and something that has been a big draw at Old Trafford in previous years.

It was time for a vision to be implemented in the scouting of United, as this great example shows that they would have saved some money if they had planned things out.

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