& # 39; Risen & quot; man was healthy and has done a similar trick before: ex-boss


Amoretti, owner of Vincent Amoretti Timber and Construction, said Moyo worked for his company for six months.

"It was suspended with full payment. We suspended it on February 4.

"He lost his job on Monday and was late on Tuesday. He was due back on Monday and did not do it," Amoretti said.

He said he was initially heartbroken when his team told him that Moyo had died.

"When the guys came and said that Brighton died, my heart broke. I love my team and will do anything for them."

However, when he saw the video of Moyo being "resurrected," Amoretti said he laughed.

"When we were shown the video that he was brought back to life, I could have gone up to the coffin and touched his neck correctly.You do not do that sort of thing."

According to Amoretti, Moyo had already made another maneuver in the church.

"From what they say he was in a wheelchair once before and they made him stand and walk.I found out he was trying to recruit people here to go to this ministry to do these acts."

Amoretti said he would take Moyo back if he decided to return to work.

"But when he comes back I'll ask what was going on in his mind. What was he thinking when he left and stayed in that coffin pretending to be dead?"


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